water333 (water333) wrote in naru_storyfind,

Female Naruto fic with PINK-HAIRED-WHROE bashing.

I'm searching for a fic where Naruto is a female or was turned into a female, I'm not too sure..Anyways, I know that both Kakashi and Iruka likes her and they had a bit of a "moment' when during that VERY first mssion assigment, both got jealous of each other in the 3rd Hokages office and then the 3r was like, "what is wrong with you two" or something the like to the both of them.

Also Naruto isn't as "innocent" or nice toward that pink-haired bitch since she made it look as thou the pink whore was picking on her etc and both Kakash and Sasuke was so on Naruto side. I also think its due to the pink whore betraying and killing Naruto and Kyuubi, of course saving Naruto by throwing him into the past or something..

I do know that it's incomplete and TOTALLY, ONE OF KIND, since  you don't find this type of Naruto fanfiction..It was SEXY as HELL and a bit of DEVIOUS female Naruto..I cna't remember it at all..I know it was a bit short and incomplete..

Any help would be appreicated.
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