Please Help!!! KakaNaru story search

Ok so I read this some years ago.
This takes place in Wave arc, I belive. Kakashi is possessive/Protective of naruto. I can't recall if it was fem naru or not as I do read both. What I do remember is that it was stated the reason there was one girl on each genin team was for them to be used for sex. Kakashi uses Sakura surfing wave and she is planning in her head how to marry him for prosteige because of the Hatake name. The enitre time they are having sex Kakashi can only think about how he can't wait for Naruto to be older as he is too innocent (or something like that). Though he later regrets using Sakura as he feels he has cheated on Naruto? Anyway he thinks of Naruto as innocent and Sakura as a slut.
Does this ring any bells with anyone? Please help me find this.
Thank you.

Sakura rape-aftermath fic

Hi! So I'm looking for this old story which was a rape aftermath of Sakura, who was paralyzed and then raped during a mission. I believe that she may have sacrified herself or not in order to achieve the mission. Anyways,mid-rape she manages to stab the guy with the thing he used to paralyze her or something. Then she starts crying. Kakashi I THINK happens to see the end before going away. Sakura quickly joins her teammates on the roof feeling numb that she was raped for no reason (I think the mission was a dud as Kakashi announced? can't remember). Sasuke and Naruto don't know, but Kakashi does.

Kakashi later confronts her about it in her kitchen, and then I think later Sasuke finds out, and he cries. I think. Honestly I cannot remember if this was a Kakashi/Sakura fic or a Sasuke/Sakura fic (though maybe the latter. I think). Either way, the story was on I believe and it very much focused on Sakura's healing process.

If anyone could tell me the name of the title of this story it would be very much appreciated and I would be eternally grateful!


So the fic I am looking for is REALLY old and I only remember a few details. It was a 3-4 story series and Sakura had infiltrated Akatsuki or something like that and became semi close with Kisame and fell in love with Itachi. At some point in the series she is living alone with her two children, twin boys around 5 years old I think, away from Itachi and Leaf village for her own protection. At some point Itachi is seriously wounded ( from fighting with Sasuke possibly) and Kisame brings Itachi to her and he gets to see his kids for the first time. At a point in time even later than that Sasuke meets his nephews and quietly realizes they are his brothers kids and that he is possibly still alive. He kind of brings it up to Sakura but decides to let sleeping dogs lie. Anyone have any idea what I am talking about ? It was originally on fan but that was forever ago and I couldn't find it there.

Kakashi gets help from a talking fox

I have been looking for this again for some time but I do not recall what search terms I originally found it under or where.

What I remember:

Kakashi was out on a mission (maybe with Shikamaru) when they engaged in battle. They were not doing so well when a fox (white maybe) came and asked Kakashi if he wanted help. Boosted his chakra so he could use Raikiri multiple times. He carried the fox back to Konoha and took it to the vet before collapsing. His chakra was damaged? He was off-duty for a while and suffering nightmares so he couldn't sleep. The fox helped take them away. The fox may or may not have transformed into a human at some point and I think could have been a child of the Ninetails.

Any help finding it again would be appreciated.
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Looking for Sasuke unwittingly creates new hidden village fic

I can't remember the name of the fic or the author. But basically Sasuke is sitting around one of Orochimaru's old hideouts, reading scrolls, and next time he looks up a few refugees from other countries and villages are setting up a small refugee camp, He looks down again and next time he looks up it's a small town with houses, people and children. The people even makes a place for Sasuke. And before long they start calling him their leader/kage. Team Taki is also there. I seem to remember a second part where Naruto and co find out about it. Naruto is all sad that Sasuke won't go back to Konoha because he has his own village now.

Looking for fic with sub Sasuke

Hi! I have been reading Naruto fic's as long as I have been into fanfiction and this is first time that I need help with this fandom😶 So, I read this fic long time ago and I think it has been pulled down... but I will try anyway.

It was Naruto x Fushigi Yuugi crossover. If I remember right Sasuke was very girly in this... man but girly. It was yaoi and Sasuke was submissive. I think Sasuke was a dancer or at least he danced in fic. It was Naruto/Sasuke, Kiba/Sasuke or Kakashi/Sasuke... hmmm. Long hair? I think this author wrote lot girly Sasuke with many different pairings.

It has been so long, so I don't remember anymore... I hope someone can help me with this:)

Time travel, Future!Naruto mentors Young!Naruto

All right, I could have sworn I had this fic in my alerts somewhere, but I've just spent nearly an hour combing through them and no dice.

Anyway, it's in 3rd person POV, centering around Younger!Naruto, and so all Little Naruto knows is that there's this really skilled older ninja who looks just like him who believes in him. Older Naruto says to call him Yurei, and won't confirm or deny that they're related. Naruto later introduces him to Tsunade (who is the Hokage by this point ) by the name Namikaze Yurei.

Older Naruto focuses of fixing things—  he designs a counter to the Cursed Seal of Heaven, he saves Jaraiya, he clears Itachi's name.

I'm 90% certain there were only three chapters, but they were long chapters, stretching from Naruto's genin days all the way post time-skip searching for Sasuke.

Urgh. I remember so much about this fic! I just can't find it! Help?

Please help

So, I've looked for this fic every way I could think of.

I've read it some time ago, at least an year, it starts shikamaru/neji and then shikamaru starts suspecting something fishy about the uchiha massacre because he was reading old files or something like that.

They live together in an apartment. Neji is anbu. I think shikamaru also.

Tsunade is hokage and naruto is in training for hokage.

Eventually itachi is back in the village for a fair trial but I don't remember how, sasuke is there at that point also.

And finally, shikamaru and neji are tasked with keeping an eye on itachi 24/7 and itachi ends up living in their apartment.

At some point shikamaru notices they are all interested in each other and he and itachi make out a little. Neji gets depressed when he finds out but in the end sees reason and thy all start a relationship.

By the point sasuke has been tried too he and naruto start dating I think. But by that point they are definitely rebuilding the uchiha compound.

I remember that sasuke gets sentenced to furthering the uchiha line.

And lee gets excited about helping rebuild the compound when a bunch of them go to clean the mess up.


It's driving me crazy and it was an awesome fic.

I think the author may not have marked all the characters, or maybe none, because I tried looking that way. TT-TT

MatrixExplosion: deleted fics

I'm looking for some fics by MatrixExplosion that seem to have been deleted from the internet. Specifically, "Rise of Naruto: Shinigami's Touch", "Unbound", and any of his other fics. From what I can tell, the first one was being re-written, at 510 words out of hundreds of thousands, when the author disappeared from the internet last year. I can't find any trace of the others. If possible, can someone link me archived version(s) of the fic(s) you can find??