janto17 (janto17) wrote in naru_storyfind,

Juubi seals herself into Naruto and Rikudou Sennin cave?

I read a fic earlier in the year where the Juubi decides to give her chakra to Naruto and teaches him how to do so from a personification in the Jinchuuriki seal. That's the only thing I can really remember but I do know that Naruto was still the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. Any help?

Also, I'm looking for another fic where Naruto and Team 7 are in Wave Country and hear rumors that it might have been the Rikudou Sennin's burial place and through the use of a sensor ability (Naruto maybe) they found a cave only to realise that it wasn't his burial place I think. But either way, they were given the chance by Kyuubi to take one thing each- e.g. a bead bracelet that stores chakra, etc. And I think Naruto may have been a girl in this fic- any help please?
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