Neji Mentors Naruto

I'm looking for a story where the Sandaim, worried about Naruto, enacts a "big brother/big sister" mentorship program at the academy. Neji gets assigned to Naruto and brings Naruto's illiteracy to the Hokage's attention. He also figures out who Naruto's parents are.

Jiraiya shows up after learning the two get betrothed and ends up training Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata along with Kakashi. The three train together during the academy.

Because of the support of the Hyuuga's and Jiraiya, Naruto gets in contact with the other Jinchuuriki and they set up a mail system using summons.

Any help finding this story would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

looking for specific story

Hi everyone, looking for a specific story.
Key points:
You are following Naruto as he is growing up
He was watched by ANBU - one sacrifices her life for him. He made a memorial statue for her - a stone scuplture of her dancing/going through kata under a waterfall. I think her mask may have been a cat and he called her Neko-Chan but not 100%.
He basically owns the building he lives in - he rotates where he lives every night by throwing a kunai at a calender.
At one point, there is a conflict between him and the inuzuka. Tsume hates him and led a hunt with her clan. They killed a lot of animals and covered the floor of his apartment with the corpses. I remember he said they ruined several apartment units, because the fliud and smell sunk into everything with adjoining walls. Later they said he had poisoned the dogs with the meat, since he had been seen with dozens of bags of dead animals. However, it was proven the Inuzuka had damaged the apartments - apparently a beetle exclusive to dog keenels was found on site by an Aburame.
Naruto and Jiraiya get into an argument at this meeting.
Fic was multichapter and on
I've tried a bunch of different google search and going through all my favorites and no luck so far, so any help would be appreciated.

Please help

Hello, I'm going insane.
So, there is this fic that I KNOW I read at ffn but cannot find for the life of me.
In it an OC that is Fugaku's child (I don't know if they are a third child or in the role of itachi or sasuke) he/she loves Mikoto but has given up loving Fugaku and thinks that he is basically a waste of space.
One day Fugaku and the OC walk together somewhere and something happens (I can't remember and its driving me insane) and they end up in a secluded back room that another member of the Uchiha borrowed them in it Fugaku is concerned for the OC and the OC thinks it's someone pretending to be Fugaku cause Fugaku would never be concerned for him/act like the man was. Fugaku realizes just how much his kid doesn't think of him and cries(I'm pretty sure he cries) and says he is sorry. OC is very confused but let's it go.
I can't remember any more.

Shikamaru BDSM

Okay so some of these details may be sketchy cos it was so many years ago that I read this story?

Pretty sure it ended up being Shikamaru/Neji

Shikamaru is in to BDSM

At first he meets with genma(?) in an alley to give him head in a subby way, but genma treats him quite badly for it

I remember something about notes being left on doors? from genma? inviting shikamaru to the alley? this mighta been another fic tho?

Neji follows him to alley one time and sees him doing this

Offers himself to help instead

Really good BDSM scenes, not all sexual

Shikamaru struggling with it a bit

Anyway yea, thats what I remember, if someone knows what fic this is from this description i give you all the ookies in the world

Naruto banished story - NaruHina


I have been looking for a fanfiction where Naruto is banished after bringing back a severely beaten Sasuke.

Here's what I remember from it:

  • Naruto leaves and Gaara and his siblings join him outside Konoha gates

  • Naruto promises Hinata that he will return for her

  • Along the way he picks up Itachi (somehow)

  • This main group forms a village with lone travelers/merchants/villageless people

  • After a time skip, word of the strength of this village reaches Konoha and they are invited to the village for a political talk of some type

  • Naruto's village settles in an empty lot in Konoha - I remember it being truly massive

  • The first day that they are back they partake in a tournament where one of Naruto's ninjas beats Kakashi in the match

  • The leaders in Naruto's village are wearing some type of cloak that covers them so no one from Konoha knows who they are

I believe this was unfinished but it has been years since I read it. For some reason - The Nine - keeps ringing in my head but all searches have been futile. I want to say that Naruto and Gaara were able to find the other Jinchuuriki, but I also believe that somehow Itachi became a vesel as well.

Anyone help with this would be awesome!

Teams in the Forest of Death disappear during Chunin Exam

Hello. I'm looking for a story, possibly a oneshot, in which all shinobi who were in the Forest of Death during Chunin Exam disappeared without a trace. Hokage searched for them and I think gave up. Then they reappeared, not all of them made it. Orochimaru taught the survivours during their time in hell/other dimension and gave his life for them. When they return I think they look older and Naruto is their leader. I'm pretty sure they called him Jigokukage. Please help. Thank you!!!
Janto Love

Reborn as Naruto


I'm looking for a fic where a magician/prince was reborn as Naruto. If I remember correctly, the boy had a twin brother and they were locked away together after their mother committed suicide because it was apparently it was bad to have twins or something due to the succession to king/leader? And the boy made a deal to essentially give his life so that his twin could be free and his brother took his identity- when he was free his brother was looking for either revenge or to stop it from happening again to someone else. There was also that when the boy woke up in Naruto's body, he met Kyuubi and they made a deal or something of the sort.

Any help please?