Looking for...

Looking for general Naruto-centric fics AU. Not looking for anything in particular, but I would if Itachi played an important role in history.

Time-travel - Ok
Gen - More than Ok
Sasuke/Naruto No
Team 7 = OK
Canon AU - Yes
Naruto centric - Ok
FemNaruto - No
Slash - It depends on parking. ItaNaru can be.
total AU - No!
Crossovers, fusions - No

Female Naruto fic with PINK-HAIRED-WHROE bashing.

I'm searching for a fic where Naruto is a female or was turned into a female, I'm not too sure..Anyways, I know that both Kakashi and Iruka likes her and they had a bit of a "moment' when during that VERY first mssion assigment, both got jealous of each other in the 3rd Hokages office and then the 3r was like, "what is wrong with you two" or something the like to the both of them.

Also Naruto isn't as "innocent" or nice toward that pink-haired bitch since she made it look as thou the pink whore was picking on her etc and both Kakash and Sasuke was so on Naruto side. I also think its due to the pink whore betraying and killing Naruto and Kyuubi, of course saving Naruto by throwing him into the past or something..

I do know that it's incomplete and TOTALLY, ONE OF KIND, since  you don't find this type of Naruto fanfiction..It was SEXY as HELL and a bit of DEVIOUS female Naruto..I cna't remember it at all..I know it was a bit short and incomplete..

Any help would be appreicated.

Mikoto saves the Uchihas fic

So I remember reading, within the last year, a fic in which Uchiha Mikoto finds out about the planned Uchiha coup of Konoha and saves the day. Well, all the members of her family not actively plotting treason.

I don't recall if she figured it out herself, or if someone else tipped her off to it, but she was the one who recruited younger and branch family members against it. In the end, she had to kill her husband to save the clan. I loved that fic, but darn if I can remember the title or where to find it. Help!
Janto Love

Juubi seals herself into Naruto and Rikudou Sennin cave?

I read a fic earlier in the year where the Juubi decides to give her chakra to Naruto and teaches him how to do so from a personification in the Jinchuuriki seal. That's the only thing I can really remember but I do know that Naruto was still the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. Any help?

Also, I'm looking for another fic where Naruto and Team 7 are in Wave Country and hear rumors that it might have been the Rikudou Sennin's burial place and through the use of a sensor ability (Naruto maybe) they found a cave only to realise that it wasn't his burial place I think. But either way, they were given the chance by Kyuubi to take one thing each- e.g. a bead bracelet that stores chakra, etc. And I think Naruto may have been a girl in this fic- any help please?

Time-Travel Kakashi, Young Gai

Looking for a fic where Kakashi goes back to the past as an adult, is found by a young Gai, and recruits him to help infiltrate a ROOT facility (I think) and there may have been a confrontation with Danzou? I remember it being relatively short. I hope someone remembers this fic, thanks so much for helping!
Janto Love

Naruto with a Yin Seal- FOUND

Does anyone know of the fic where Naruto is a seals genius and uses a yin seal during his fight with Neji? And he wasn't trained by Jiraiya because he ditches him for Sakura who dresses like Tsunade and uses the same perfume to make him train her? Any help please?


Please Help!!! KakaNaru story search

Ok so I read this some years ago.
This takes place in Wave arc, I belive. Kakashi is possessive/Protective of naruto. I can't recall if it was fem naru or not as I do read both. What I do remember is that it was stated the reason there was one girl on each genin team was for them to be used for sex. Kakashi uses Sakura surfing wave and she is planning in her head how to marry him for prosteige because of the Hatake name. The enitre time they are having sex Kakashi can only think about how he can't wait for Naruto to be older as he is too innocent (or something like that). Though he later regrets using Sakura as he feels he has cheated on Naruto? Anyway he thinks of Naruto as innocent and Sakura as a slut.
Does this ring any bells with anyone? Please help me find this.
Thank you.