*FOUND* Team 7 time travel fic?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone recognizes this story?

Team 7 all goes back in time. Kakashi is late, like he shows up after naruto, sasuke, sakura. This fic was not serious. They convince Gaara to join their craziness and he cosplays as a pirate at one point. Kakashi and Naruto have a sleeping contest.

That's all that I remember, hopefully someone could lead me in a direction, even if its just like part of the title or something. Anything will help!

Thank you so much!


Story has now been found link here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7276839/1/Again-and-again-and-again
Janto Love

KakaNaru timetravel fic

Hey, I'm looking for a fic where fem!Naruto travels back in time to when Team 7 are all together. They all know that Naruto is Minato's daughter, I think. And it's not one that's too serious, it was pretty tame, not too dark like many of these fics are. It's all that I can remember unfortunately.

Itachi-centric Time-/Dimension-Travel

It was a story where Itachi time- and/or dimension-travelled to where the Uchiha lived/were alive, the Sandaime was in charge and Itachi was not S-class (maybe B or C class?) and not a missing-nin. I don't think Itachi went into ANBU as a child and he was on a team instead. Sasuke was maybe in the academy? At one point someone (Mizuki?) tried to attack Sasuke when Itachi was nearby, Itachi took them down easily then calmly threatened them and everyone else was very confused. The Sandaime found out eventually, I think. And I think it was a WIP as well?

This place is a prison by tsubaki Hana

To start off, this author I was dying to read their works. And someone said to look for it in ff.net and being years late to this fandom I suspected it would be gone, but I was excited and wanted to search anyways - undoubtedly, it was taken down. And now I can't find a trace of this author anywhere. If anyone would be as kind as to help me find this fic or least some of this author's works; that would be very, very helpful. Copies of it would also be nice.

Thanks a lot!
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Prompts for anyone feeling like it, from a Yaoi, Sasunaru and family bonding fan. Just so u know.

Hey Everyone! I have some prompts to share. If anyone feels like writing them, please leave a link in the comments to the page where you will post them, so we can all appreciate your writing. Some prompts are way darker than other, I put some warnings before describing those, so if you are not into what is in the warnings then don't read the prompt.
Sorry in advance for any grammar mistake, English is not my mother tongue.

1) Naruto, being forced to mature at twelve:
There is a lot of SmartNaruto, where Naruto is completely OC and looks like a blond Sasuke. I would like a fiction where people realise that Naruto his handy and know stuff people is age don't but is not broody or dark. He could even make very smart jokes. The story would be based on the fact that Naruto has to fend for himself at twelve. Because he is a genin, the counselling for Konoha thing he can fend for himself with the money of the missions he will get. Even though he did not have a lot of help before, Konoha was officially paying his rent and giving him enough money to buy food for the month when he was still at the academy. Now with no help, he has to found the money while training with team seven under Kakashi. In the show, Sakura makes severals time remarks on the fact that Naruto is lucky because he can do whatever he wants and doesn't have parents to give him chores. I would like her to realise, that even though Naruto has no parents he still has chores (house cleaning, shopping, repairing broken stuff in his apartment, repairing his clothes when they're mess up after a mission) and he even have to do stuff that she does not have to do at home, like paying rents and bills, taking care of his bank account, and insurances. Of course, you could have Naruto ask some help to Iruka or Kakashi for the paperwork, but you have to take into account that Naruto is proud and wants to show he can do things by himself, plus he doesn't like people knowing that he does not know something. Sasuke on the other hand, as the money of the Uchiha clan and got help from the Bank and insurance where the Uchiha has been for generations, so he is facing all those problems. He can pay anyone to repair anything and even a clean lady. So yeah you could go any way you want with the story, it can also be just a Oneshot, but I really would like Sakura to realise how stupid, selfish and insensitive she is when she says that Naruto is lucky to have to parents. Please no bashing of Sakura, after realising that she respect Naruto for he has a harder life than her and maybe could try to help him around the house something.

2) Sex talk to genins (Warning: noncon/rape, don't read if you don't want to read or write on this subject):
I read severals fictions where Kakashi gives a lesson on sex to team seven, what sex his, and how it can be used for good and bad. He is basically giving the talk version Shinoby. Having no parents, and the Third Hokage having never talk about sex with him, Naruto does not know about sex. Not really, it's confusing for him. I would like him to realise while Kakashi his talking that he had been sexually abused. I would like Kakashi to see that something his wrong but Naruto does not explain what he just realised. Naruto has been forced to have sex with his landlord to keep "leaving in his apartment". I would like manipulation, not beatings and rape, more like the landlord convincing Naruto that, that's how things work. Once Naruto realised what has happened for years, he tries to say no to his landlord, and treat him to tell everything to the Hokage. The landlord gets scared and back down. Naruto then tries to reconstruct himself and his sexuality but his having difficulties because he never confided with anyone and sees his rapist regularly even though the landlord do not try anything anymore he still watches him intently. Several children who were molested and raped will feel the need to look for affection in adults in a sexual way. You could have Naruto being inappropriate with Kakashi and his sensei getting worried. Kakashi will then look into it and arrest the landlord and found a shrink for Naruto and develop a very overprotective-bond with Naruto.

3) Wild Naruto, jungle book or tarzan style :
Naruto is found by team seven (Sasuke, Sai, Sakura and Kakashi-sensei) in the forest naked. He seems that he has been living all by himself since a baby. A bit like in the jungle book, animals took care of Naruto (maybe foxes) and Naruto behave like an animal, they take him back to the village, clean him up and teach him how to speak, eat with a fork, walk like a human, they try to civilise him. Naruto will late be part of the team because he can use his chakra.They will discover that he is the jinchuuriki of Kyuubi and that the counsellors of Konoha tried to get rid of him when he was a baby by throwing him for the waterfall but survive because of Kyuubi's power.

4) AU, Warning: raped and child abuse: Gaara and Naruto are brothers, son of abusive Kyuubi.
(Gaara is the older brother, maybe fifteen and Naruto twelve) and live with their father Kyuubi. Everyone at school knows that Gaara hates Naruto. Why because while Gaara his being bitten regularly by their father, Naruto is seeing as the precious child and receives countless of gifts and kisses and hugs from Kyuubi. Soon Gaara will realise what is happening behind doors, Kyuubi rapes Naruto. Gaara develops a protective feeling toward his brother. He will convince Naruto that they have to get rid of their father. They will kill him in his bath by drugging and drowning him. They will hide his death for several weeks and Naruto traumatised by the murder of his father by his brother becomes mute. Gaara his paranoïd. Teachers, start to ask questions, you could have child service's investigation, discovering of the body, a trial, you can choose how it's end, good ending for Gaara and Naruto, or if Gaara going to juvy and Naruto to foster home. You can even do a sequel where there meet again when Gaara is going out of juvy. Basically, Gaara and Naruto relation starts with Gaara hating Naruto and Naruto innocently loving is brother and looking for his protection. Then, Gaara feeling protective. Then Naruto loving and hating Gaara for murdering their father and traumatising him but also protecting him. You can end it however you want, love and acceptance or forever broken bond between the two brothers, do has you wish and how you feel about your story.

Thank you! Have fun!
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Where to offer idea "prompt"

Hey ! Basically, I have some ideas running around in my head but never have time or talent to write them, I was wondering where to leave "prompt" for the Naruto fandom? Do we just write one in an entry or is there a specific community or something?
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Naruto split in different clones representing each face of his personality

Hello ! I am looking for a fiction I read a long time ago. I don't even remember if it was good or not but I like the basic idea. It was a fiction in which something had gone wrong like a jutsu or something and Naruto find himself split in several Narutos representing each part of his personality, they had to found a way to make them go back to be one again. I remember that there was a "shy Naruto" and that Orochimaru appeared in the fiction, but that the only thing I remember.
Thanks again for helping before hand.
Janto Love

Gaara x Naruto - FOUND


I'm looking for a fic that I read a few years ago. In it, there was a relationship or a budding one between Kakashi and Iruka, they were protective of Naruto because he wasn't as happy as he seemed. Also, there was two parts (both multi-chaptered) were Gaara and Naruto merge with Kurama and Shukaku. Konoha was being attacked so they did this to protect the village.

Is this ringing any bells? Please help!!

1st part = https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3585444/1/The-child-incident-and-Kakashi-s-discovery

2nd part = https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3862846/1/Kuroi-Kage-VS-Konoha-Shinobi
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Naruto get manipulated

Hey, Everyone! I am looking for a fiction, if it exists, where Naruto is being too trustful and get manipulated by the "bad guy of the story". I always though that Naruto by looking for affection was an easy target for manipulators but I don't know how to look for a fiction like this :) Please help. If it could be without any bashing, it would be great, bashing usually ends with OOC, so yeah, no bashing please, even if, I know Sakura is annoying sometimes, don't make her worst. I actually don't care if Naruto gets help before or after being manipulated, it would be great to have some team bonding and paternal figure in Kakashi, like making him understand that basically, you don't "accept candies from strangers". It can be soft, mature I ready from anything. Thanks again for helping before hand.

So I found one that fit the idea and a very good one by the way and complete, I am sharing the link for anyone interested in Naruto being the victim of child predators, it's called "What we choose to forget" by Avarent on Archive of our own,
Summary: 'Can't move, can't scream...I just want to see...it just hurts so much. what is this' Unfortunately for the boy feeling is coming back and the pain is riding on its heels. Throbbing and burning in his chest triggers his body to finally move, with painful trembling. Naruto pushes through to look, to see and he's not sure if he should be relieved...
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9379871/chapters/21234542

If you found any similar fanfiction, please share :)

Neji Mentors Naruto

I'm looking for a story where the Sandaim, worried about Naruto, enacts a "big brother/big sister" mentorship program at the academy. Neji gets assigned to Naruto and brings Naruto's illiteracy to the Hokage's attention. He also figures out who Naruto's parents are.

Jiraiya shows up after learning the two get betrothed and ends up training Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata along with Kakashi. The three train together during the academy.

Because of the support of the Hyuuga's and Jiraiya, Naruto gets in contact with the other Jinchuuriki and they set up a mail system using summons.

Any help finding this story would be greatly appreciated, thanks.